Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You can't compare them.

You cant compare 'love' with 'friendship'. Though both have a thing in common. Either they stay forever, or they last only for some time. 'Love' as they say is 'beyond everything' but , friendship , is beyond all forces of love.
You can manage to live without the love of your life for some time, but you'd never be able to live without your friends.
Maybe, because everytime you land up in a silly situation or a problem, you go to your friends instead. They know you better. They know exactly what dose you want at what time. They know the real 'you' inside of you which wont show itself to the love of your life cause you're scared that it might find it weird or maybe not accept it. Maybe not accept the way you really are. The real you.
Love-Teenage love to be precise-is not stationary. It'll come, and go. Its more of an infatuation, so its for a really short period of time. Maybe for a month or so. Or maybe for even a week.
Friendship, on the other hand is something that stays for ever. Its not even a tag. Its like you've promised the person to abide by all the rules of friendhip. Specially, abiding by the bitching sessions and the evil plans against the other girls who think they're oh-so-cool , that you've always loved. Its a promise that you'll stay together, always, come what may.
But, 'promise' is a big word. Promises in friendship is something more than a statement which you make to the other person that you'll definitely do something or give them something. And, so, promise is a really big word, with a really deep meaning.
Those who don't really get its meaning, usually fake their friendship. They don't make a commitment.
And so, because of these weak bonds, you let other things distract you and dissconnect with your so called 'best friend'. You let other things take over you.
And then that is it. That might be the end of what at some point of time you called a promise. Many a times, you let love take over you. And when love takes over, things change.
When love takes over, you dont wish to be with anyone but yourself. You'd spend a lot of time in thinking how you look and what changes can be brought about in yourself. Everything is colourfull. Even if you're watching an old black and white film, you'll like it. You'll like it and notice every damn romantic scene in it. You'll start smiling all of a sudden even if you're gazing at a blank wall. You'll start forgetting random shit. You'd go through a change. Puk-ish much, huh, boys ?
And what about the girl you, somewhere along the way, that you left behind? Feel guilty ? Haven't you ever looked at the negative aspects of letting love take over your life? No? Everything in the world isn't as pink as you think, in love.
I'm not against it, cause thats just another time of your life that you must enjoy , cause it might never come back. Its just that because of this whole 'going out' crap, you might just forget what may be more important. You'll lose time in no time. You'll never know where the time goes away. You might end up in having a fight with one of your girls and you might start to hate everything. Even if there'll be someone-like your guy-to tell you that he loved you and that that time is just gonna go, you would, from deep inside want you girl to say it to you. You'd want your best friend to assure you, and not your guy.
See the difference? You'll act all I-love-him-so-much-I-could-die-for-him, but deep iside your heart, somewhere, you'll be screaming the name of your girl like crazy. You'll want her back. The same old you , the person before under going the change , would want to break free from the jail of your heart and come back.
But, circumstances wont allow. Your gut wont allow you. And even if it would, you wouldn't listen to it.
Confused ? They're such strong feelings you've got to get confused, but surely you'll find a way out. Surely. You'll figure something out, even if you're so effing screwed, and in the middle of complete mess. Hope, right? This time will go and things would be back to normal again . But you still can't compare the two feelings to each other.


  1. Dear Arunima,
    With each passing day, your writing power is improving by many notches. Keep up the good show.
    I see a blooming Author which will rule the world by the power of Pen. God bless you.