Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yearning In Vain

Once more I close my eyes
Hoping to see him again
Yearning to myself, yearning in vain
I am desolate without him
To my astonishment, I see him nowhere
I search for him everyday, all in despair
The sound of silence, the Darkness
Following me, leading me to emptiness
This pain I want to be eased
Pain I no longer want to conceal
He left, leaving a crippling effect on me
Leaving a mark that can not be erased
There's too much for the time to destroy
Too many retentives
It stings me, pierces me time and again
But I've learnt to live with this pain
Committing mistakes that I once forbade
The life Im leading is prosaic
I do not know of rapture anymore
I'll stop breathing if I dont see him anymore
Peeved at my condition
I attempt to destroy my life
To get him back, I still strive
No, he isnt sadistic
He knows not of sadism
He shot his words at me, being uniquely explicit
Let me alone to my oblivion
Let me close my eyes once more
Hoping to see him again
Yearning to myself, yearning in vain

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ever Ours

And there he walks
So perfectly
It pinches my heart to see him walk away
It kills me
Eyes red with pain, blood gushing in vain
Deep down, I know he cares, I know he loves
He wouldn't admit it
Deep down, I know he wants to come back
But he wouldn't

Darkness dwells in him
He lets her reside
Does he really need all of this?
Does he really need to do all of this?
'Yes', he would say
No more. Not anymore
Forever, he promised
And with the blink of an eye, broke it
It hurts him, kils him, too
Then why does he have to do all of this?
Why put me through it all?
He has that spark in his eyes
A diamond inside of his heart
That sparkle I've always wanted
A life that shines bright as the stars
He's killing it. He wants to.
Does he really have to?
Mesmerized, I always was, when I saw him
My heart skipped a beat when I knew he was sad
Love kills, slowly, murders
Does he want to be a murderer?
Then why does he have to do this?
He would laugh to make me smile
He would shed a tear if I wept
What he took with him, is my heart, my life
Not only did he take away with him a part of me, he has all of me
And forever will
I wouldn't blame him, for letting me lie on the floor, writhing in pain
He needed it, but never wanted it
It hurts him, it kills him, too
It isn't easy for him
What is his, is mine
What belongs to me, is his
Ever mine, he will be
Ever thine, I am
Ever ours