Sunday, July 18, 2010

The four Seasons :)

The sun is hot in the sky. Its showing off what its got. It has bestowed us with sparkling yellow flowers of light that falls on the Earth, raising the temperature.
The heat , the light that sparkles on the grey ground. The twisted and turned white lines on the road reminds me of an art. A very thoughtful art. The warm breeze playing with the leaves of the trees. They shake with the wind. They say something. The greenery of the trees and the brown tree trunks and the branches of the trees along the roadside gives me a hope. A hope that someday , S u m m e r would say good bye. The summer heat would be gone. The tightness of the heat, the hotness in the wind. It would all be gone. S p r i n g would come. Spring would be welcomed with joy. New flowers, new leaves, new colors, new sounds. Spring would come and bring us happiness. And its not far from this hotness.
Its not the warmth. Warmth is pleasant. Hotness is the sizzle. The strong hot sizzle that hits and irritates everything coming in its way. that single jolt troubles.
Its torturous. But hope. Hope lures me to think of the new season. Its lures me to think of spring.
Cool breeze , new views, festivals. A u t u m n . Typical autumn breeze. Typical autumn rains. There's a certain type of coolness and sweetness in the Autumn breeze. The autumn wind.
And then, the dew, the fog, the mist, the snow, the drowsiness, the striking cold. W i n t e r . Winter makes me happy. It gives me a feeling that it would come free me from this horrid , pukish summer heat. The temperature would drop. Drop for good.
And rise again.
It just goes on and on. The ups and the downs in the temperature ; The four seasons.
These four seasons bring four new hopes, everytime for the next one. The Summer heat brings hope for the Spring's freshness. The Autumn humidity brings hope for the dry Winter cold. Each season connects itself with the other. Its magical.
The four seasons are magical to me, mystical to me. Interesting as they seem.
The sun remains the same. The giant spotlight up above remains hot in the sky providing the double faced heat.
The sun too is magical. Mystical to me. This cycle goes on. Like how its meant to be.
The cycle of the four seasons, and the sun, it goes on, showing off what they've got :)

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