Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stuggle to Success

There are over ten billion people struggling their way out of this drain we call the road to success. There is this struggle everyone faces on the road to success. Be it their career selection or the stream selection. Struggle is one thing a person finds everywhere in life. Everywhere, that is.
Very often it is accompanied by confusion or stress. Ego, or maybe even bad temper. Struggle is one heck of a sensitive action. Or a thing. Or an activity.
Its one thing that can make you or break you. A struggler might just waste his time struggling for the respective thing it wants all his life and end his life like that.
He might end his life struggling, that is without any good. But it is possible that this struggler may turn out to be a successful leader of a successful life.
Struggle is one heck of a butt. It welcomes you to its world the very day you come into this world.
And belive it or not, it never leaves you. It walks by you, like your shadow. And never leaves you come what may.
And the funny part? You've got to live with it. Live with it, like a room mate. And of course you're forced to live with it [just like your room mate-haha].
Yes, I think I'm right about the part, that it can make you or break you.
You've got to be faithful, and have faith in yourself, when the confusion demon in you comes out to accompany Struggle. Its like this time you want to do something and end up doing something else or you want to do something and never get to start it off. "I'll do this... But wait. What if so and so happens? What if I never succeed? What if...." , is what comes to the silly little confused brain-lets call it 'mind' to be precise. Because, as psychology defines it, 'The Human Brain being the most Vital organ of the Human Body, is, at the same time, the most confused part of the system"
I definitely and truely agree to the person who made this statement. Well done sir/ma'am !
So, the only thing possible to calm you down, when one gets the Confusion-Struggle-Fit, is to shut down the Human Brain's Engine. And for sometime, avoid refilling the fuel. That might help. As we belive and as we know, that the word 'Life' is a synonym for 'Struggle' , I personally believe, one needs a time-out. That surely would do. And the times Struggle makes Ego and/or Anger her best friend, its quite obvious the person sharing the room with Struggle and her best friend Ego and Anger would go insane. Because, the study of the Human Brain defines another thing, that it is obvious that the brain might explode-not literally-due to too much pressure, and no room for self. It is possible, and happens quite a lot of times that the person going throught this type of a stage would explode, be it with anger or laughter-laughter in some special type of cases- or with a furiously mad mind. Mad, here refers to something possibly out of control which has nothing to do with mental illnesses.
"I need a break" "I need some time to think" "Time out? Please?" or "I need a room!" are the possible answers given out by most of the strugglers in the world, cause they're under too much of pressure. All they want that time is 'a break'.
So, you'll have to stop going mad on things like these. There's more to life. Much more.
They say they dont want to stuggle their way out of the other fifty billion people. However, they do want to stand out. And shine like a star. And be the sun to all of them. The only thing they don't want to do, is struggle. Its the easy going way of life they want with the enormous facilities. The only thing they-they here is referring to most of the teenagers-don't want to belive is that Sruggle is actually the synonym of the word Life.
Scary much? No. Its nothing to be afraid of. Its one thing that should be done with a strong determination which is kind of difficult. Because the ability to determine things is like achiving self actualisation. Or enlightenment. Which took a person like Lord Buddha, years to achieve.
But keeping this kind of a fast growing, fast achieving, always on the go type of a living in the 20th century, I dont think we're far from the end. End of struggle and the beginning of success.
As I mentioned earlier, Struggle greets you, at the time you enter this world. To welcome you to its world. Because, to come to life, come to the living world, a new born, right from the mother's womb, struggles, to come to this world, to meet the struggle itself. And an old aged mind and an old aged heart, struggles, to live, to remain in the living world, and stuggles to fight struggle and win over, so that, that heart and the mind, can still live.
You'll find her everywhere. You'll find Struggle standing there, arms wide open, willing to take you in her arms, with this thought in her mind that it'll lead you to a sucessful and a fruitful life. She isn't that bad, to be honest. Just that it is stubborn. But this stubborn attitude of hers makes you even stronger for the upcoming difficulties in your life. But as they say, "You can do everything, if you have faith in yourself, and confidence in yourself". If a person makes this line as the base of its life, then this person's gonna achive a hell of a lot in the long run.
The time is now. You'll have to share your room with her and be nice to her. And make her your best friend. Make struggle your best friend. Because she's gonna give you the ultimate happiness in life. And, yes, of course, because she's gonna introduce you to her best friend. Success, that is.


  1. Really meaningful . Keep it up !

  2. Great Stuff.... keep up the great show!!

  3. Good beginning.Remember, when you write something, the first thoughts are always pure and pious and should be your hallmark. When you re-read your ideas which were seeds would have become plants and that's where the humans loose their connect with their original thoughts.Keep it up and do not edit.Love