Monday, September 13, 2010


Change - something that one has to deal with , something that definitely has to meet you in life and something which is inevitable.
Think about it. Is it good? Is it something that you really want? Is it something that effects the others but makes you happy?
Does it make you lose it? Does it make you lose yourself? Do you want to lose yourself and transform into something you once aspired to become or into some one you never wanted to turn into ? Just , think .
Cause these stages change everything. These changes , change everything. And in the end, you're either left alone , or there's a huge crowd surrounding you. Its either a yes or a no. Its either a good or a bad. Its either positive or negative. You'll take turns in life, and fall into deep pits. You're gonna get up and just move on. Someone once said 'Life's a climb. But in the end, the view is great.' The gravity is gonna pull you down and you'd happily hug the ground without even knowing anything about it. But this time, get up, keep your head held high like you're the ruler here, and just move on. Move forward and never stop. Falling into deep pits would definitely be a great experience. You're gonna love the feeling you'll get after you get up, look back at the silly thing you did, look back at the pit and laugh at the way you just fell, and then remembering your mistake and laughing on it, you just walk off and move on. Just move on.
- Just breathe.


  1. Pretty good... There is a sudden change in your style and topic, which shows flexibility in your writing. The use of quotes and their placing is phenomenal particularly in your article. Keep it up! Life is a climb, but at the end the final view is great! :)